Mortgage Business Coach Tim Davis Says Networking is the Key to Success

Tim DavisTim Davis, a speaker, trainer and business coach in the mortgage industry says the number one key to success is a person’s ability to network and grow their influence. “A consumer today can go online and find any professional in a matter of minutes, but if you really want to grow your business you must do so by building a personal network of referrals.” says Tim.

Tim was recently named one of the Nations 25 most connected Mortgage Professionals. He attributes that nomination to years of networking an building relationships. In an industry that has seen massive regulatory changes, a number of mortgage professionals left the industry over the last several years. The rebound in housing has seen an surge of people re-entering the business, but could their success be limited?

“When you look at successful people, they have a few common traits. One is their ability to grow networks of people and then get referrals from their tribe. Another attribute is one’s ability to stay the course. Any business will have peaks and valley’s, but the true professionals maintain their course along the way.” said Tim.

As a business coach, Tim teaches mortgage professionals the following 7 pillars of success.

1. Be intentional about growing your network
2. Be diligent in maintaining your database and relationships with the people you meet.
3. Don’t wait for an opportunity, go make one.
4. Build your influence by becoming the educator and advocate for your clients success.
5. Have an online presence, but take the online, offline to build real connections.
6. Invest in yourself and your personal growth.
7. Be the person who always delivers values and results.

“When I was sixteen, I went to work at a local grocery store just so we could have food on our table. Our family was on the welfare system and we lived in the projects. When I got that job stocking bottles for $2.15 per hour, my supervisor told me that I must always be more valuable to the company than the company was to me. That is a lesson for everyone. Bring more value each and every day and you will always have opportunity.” said Tim.

When asked about the award of being one of the industries 25 most connected people Tim said, “It’s due to one thing. Make lots of friends. Anyone can do that.”

Tim works with Movement Mortgage as their National Sales Coach. He is the author of the best selling book, The Daily Difference and is the founder of Personal Branding Mastery Seminars for Real Estate Agents.

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