L.A. Real Estate Investor Barrington Malcolm Sees Chinese Buying Trend

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Los Angeles Real Estate Investor Barrington Malcolm continues to see the trend of Chinese buyers flooding cash into the L.A. market as China’s economy slows, seeking stable investment opportunities in Southern California’s real estate. Market Realist, confirms this in an article which states, “Buyers from China invested about $12 billion in US real estate in 2015 and in the first quarter of 2016 have already reached nearly half of the total 2015 volume.” Many are purchasing multi-million dollar private estates and investment properties in affluent neighborhoods like iconic Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Developers are also purchasing apartment complexes, commercial buildings in downtown Los Angeles and acquiring luxury hotels in beautiful coastal beach cities.A recent article in the L.A. Times mentioned Anbang, a Chinese Insurance company and current owner of New York’s Waldorf Astoria, purchased a number of luxury hotels for $6.5 billion from Blackstone Group, a private American investment firm. The prime assets are Loews Santa Monica Hotel, Montage Laguna Beach, Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel and a few others. Financially, these purchases are fueling the West Coast commercial and single-family home real estate market. The billions invested in the L.A. market is great for economic growth and development however, for some there’s a different picture.
Angelenos seeking to purchase homes in the coveted north and west side must contend with the influx of wealthy cash buyers, creating a greater demand for houses during a time when the supply is already low. Malcolm further notes, he has seen many changes over the last 25 years, but his ability to find deals and flip homes is something he’s been very successful with, even during the 2007 economic fray. To his credit, identifying these trends of the overall real estate market, prompted him to invest in the south L.A. area over 20 years ago and it is still paying off substantially.
L.A. residents that prefer areas North of Wilshire Blvd., but depend on bank loans, are unable to compete with wealthy cash buyers desiring the same area. This cash buying shift has caused prospective local buyers to search on the more affordable south side and fortunately, many are finding pleasant surprises.They’re discovering beautiful hillside homes with spectacular views, in neighborhoods lined with palm trees, in areas where legendary greats Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Nancy Wilson and others once resided.
These southern communities are geographic gems, located close to private universities, like the University of Southern California (USC) Loyola Marymount and only about 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, LAX and beaches. While no one can predict the outcome of the ever changing landscape of Los Angeles real estate, one thing is certain, if property can be purchased anywhere in the city, it couldn’t be a better time to buy.

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Carpet Cleaners All Over The World Donate Free Cleaning For Charity

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Successful cleaning businesses all over the world want to give back to their community. Cleaners around the globe will be donating their services to various charitable organizations this February 22, 2016. Hundreds of charities are already on the list to get free cleaning.

Most of the charities getting free cleaning are shelter or housing related charities. Some of the charities being cleaned free are Ronald McDonald Houses, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and drug rehabilitation facilities. These organizations often need competent cleaning services but their budgets are stretched too thin to be able to get cleaning done properly.

“Carpet cleaning is so much more than making carpet look better,” said Frank Davis, one of the organizers of the Global Carpet Cleaning for Charity Event. “Everyone loves fresh, clean carpet. Having clean carpet lifts the spirits of all who inhabit the building. It’s makes the building healthier; even the EPA recommends regular carpet cleaning to keep the indoor environment healthy.” Frank goes on to say, “Most non-profit organizations can’t afford carpet cleaning, so we created this event to give as many charities as possible the gift of clean carpet. Many of the participants run a very successful cleaning business, so they wanted to create a project to help others in need.”

The group of cleaners that came up with this project simply wanted to give back to their community. Not part of any particular company or association, these are just various cleaning company owners all over the world who want to help better the community their company services. Through various cleaning industry forums, discussions boards, and Facebook pages, this project was born in December 2015. The group is hoping this project will touch many lives and become a yearly event.

Interlink Supply, one of the largest distributors of cleaning supplies in the world, is donating free cleaning products for companies who participate and share photos on Facebook. As well, other vendors related to the cleaning industry are helping with their time and resources.

If you know of a local housing related charitable organization that is in need of carpet cleaning or if you know a professional carpet cleaning company who may want to get involved with this project, let carpet cleaners know on this Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/cleanersgivingback. All recommendations of a non-profit charity will be considered based on availability of cleaners who are willing to donate in that area.

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In Response To The New TRID-RESPA Rule, GulfAtlantic Title & Appraisal Offers Training Workshops

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The implementation of the new TRID-RESPA rule began October 3, 2015 and was intended to simplify the disclosure and loan-closing process. However, with all the new rules and required forms, everyone is struggling to understand how this new system will make it easier for consumers as they move through an already stressful process of refinancing or purchasing a home.

Randy and Dawn Wiser, the owners of GulfAtlantic Title & Appraisal since 1997 are holding free training workshops for realtors and lenders. With the real estate market finally rebounding in Florida, many industry professionals are concerned the new rule could add as many as two additional weeks to close a transaction and slow the momentum.

“Though these new rules were implemented to fully inform and better protect the consumer,” says Dawn Wiser, “change is always difficult, not to mention the time necessary to allow for the learning curve. However, by educating the people we do business with on a daily basis it’s our customers who win in the end.”

Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart echoes Wiser’s ideology on the importance of customer service. Walton said, “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”

The workshops provide comprehensive training on implementation of the new TRID-RESPA rules. GulfAtlantic Title & Appraisal employees will run through sample transactions with complete instructions on how to properly fill out the new forms and comply with the new disclosures and extended timeframes.

“As a bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney for more than 20 years, I recognize the value of working with a good title company to achieve the best results for my clients. Our clients have continued to be impressed with their timeliness, follow-through and overall ability to get it done no matter what the obstacle. They take time to communicate and completely explain the closing process,” says Christie D. Arkovich.

Claudia Lopez, a REMAX ACR adds, “It is very rewarding to know that we can count on a company to do their job with such diligence and a proactive approach. They truly care about what they do and for that I’ll remain a loyal contributor to their business.”

Gilly Dominguez, USAmeriBank, Tampa Mortgage Loan Originator stated, “I have worked with Dawn Wiser and her team for well over a dozen years. I’m always confident that my closing will be a smooth real estate transaction.”

To make sure you are up-to-speed with the new TRID-RESPA disclosure rules contact GulfAtlantic Title & Appraisal to schedule a FREE workshop and to learn all about the new closing disclosure. Call (813) 964-8300 or visit their website at: http://gulfatlantic.biz.

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Ashley Anello, San Diego Pack And Move Realtor | Clean It Before Leaving It – It’s The Right Thing To Do

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Ashley Anello, a San Diego Pack and Move Realtor said, “The big day has come and it’s finally time to move out of the home that you put so much work into…” Anello offers some tips for a smooth transition.

Although you may have kept your house routinely clean, it’s customary to ensure the house you are leaving is one that you would want to enter. Attention should be paid to, at least, the standard areas that need to be cleaned before you leave.

Remove All Items that Belong to You
Take all items out of the home that belong to you and be sure not to leave any trash behind. If you are leaving recycling or trash bins for the next occupants, do not leave anything in them. If you’re leaving extra wallpaper, paint, or carpet, make sure they are neatly organized and in a logical location.

Wipe Down
Any surface that is flat, wipe it down. Kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, fireplace mantel, etc. are all areas that need to be wiped down. Check your walls for any stains or smudges to remove as well as wipe down all doors to rooms and closets that may have collected dust. Ceiling fan blades are often overlooked; make sure these are free from dust.

Empty the Refrigerator and Freezer
Remove all items from the refrigerator and freezer. Wipe down all the shelves and defrost the freezer if needed. Pull the refrigerator out and wipe down all sides and clean any cobwebs from behind as well as clean the floor before pushing it back into place.

Clean the Stove and the Oven
Pull out the stove unit and wipe down the front, sides and back of the stove and the floor underneath. Make sure to scrub off any grease and food remnants. If the oven is self-cleaning, be sure to clean the oven. If not, find oven cleaner and scrub down the inside.

Clean All Bathrooms
Clean the toilet bowls as well as the side and back of the toilet. Scrub the sinks, shower walls and doors and make sure all soap residue is gone. Do not leave extra soap or a shower curtain. A nice gesture would be to leave toilet paper in each bathroom.

Sweep and Mop
Whether it’s carpet, wood, linoleum or concrete, sweep the surface or mop to make sure it’s clean. When you have all the cleaning done, do one more walk-through to see if you have removed all your personal items and there is no trash left behind.

Outside Areas and Garage
The garage is often overlooked in a move out. It should be cleaned also with only leaving behind any tools you may not want to take with you when you leave. Landscaping should be left in a just touched up shape as well.

Anello gave this advice, “Leave the home just the way you want to be greeted by your new home.”

You may contact Ashley Anello at (760) 330-1250. Or, e-mail Ashley_Anello@yahoo.com to learn more.

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Controversal Investor Grant Cardone says Don’t Ever Buy Houses

Controversial Investor Grant Cardone says that it’s stupid to buy houses–even as investments.