Peter Pasternack Star of A&E’s Flip This House Launches The Investor’s Blueprint For Real Estate Investors

By Neil Howe and Craig Williams

Stars of ‘Flip This House’, the original house flipping program on A&E Peter Pasternack and Brian Trow partner with business coach and strategist Denny Faircloth to bring their knowledge of real estate investing and entrepreneurial savvy to help aspiring real estate investors avoid costly mistakes and squeeze more profit from every deal with their new community, The Investor’s Blueprint.

After being featured on national television in seasons 3, 4 and 5 of A&E’s hit house flipping show Peter and Brian have done thousands of real estate deals and have mentored anyone who reaches out for help. However, unlike many of the celebrity flippers who have used the stardom to create real estate events and seminars Peter and Brian have been busy actually closing deals and flipping houses.

“Anyone who knows me knows my life mission is to positively affect the lives of as many people as possible. I had no interest in only serving the privileged few that could come up with $30K to $50K. Frankly, that’s a rip-off. If someone has $50K to invest, they should invest it in real estate, not some guru!” – Peter

Longtime friend and business coach Denny Faircloth asked the same question that many people had asked, “Why haven’t you created a course or seminar from your knowledge?” This conversation sparked a new way of sharing that knowledge in a tell and see all course where real estate investors get to see first-hand the real issues that take place during a real estate investment deal with on-site video coverage.

“Rather than spending precious time and money, traveling, staying in hotels and sitting in seminars being inundated with mountains of information. Only to go home feeling confused and overwhelmed, left to try and implement it alone. You can get ongoing guidance, support, and accountability online anytime from The Investor’s Blueprint.” – Denny

The Investors Blueprint is designed to give access to the experts in the areas of construction and design (Brian Trow), deal analysis, management and operations (Peter Pasternack) and success mindset (Denny Faircloth). In this private community, investors get to watch Real People, doing Real Deals from start to finish, getting Real Results. All the win’s losses and everything in between. Regular live Q&A, “Ask the expert” segments, deep dive on important topics and current events from the trenches. It’s the real nitty gritty reality of real estate investing from professionals all over the industry. The goal is to build a community or real estate professionals from investors, agents, lenders, contractors, inspectors, wholesalers, etc. to collaborate and lend their expertise to help minimize losses, maximize profits and facilitate more real estate deals for investors all across the country.

“These guys are amazing!!! I love that they have finally put together in the “Investors Blueprint” for real investors – doing real business. These guys are genius & always thinking out the box! They are the next generation of POWER & MONEY!” – Tirrell Muhammad, VP of Business Development, Team World Builders at Keller Williams Realty

The Investor’s Blueprint officially launched on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 and investors can sign up for a low annual subscription. To learn more about The Investor’s Blueprint visit, or to contact Peter email

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Real Estate Expert Billy Alt Shares His Insights on Business Innovators Radio

By Alicia Dibrell

From the Marine Corps to Real Estate to Entrepreneurship, Billy Alt shares his journey as host Alicia Dibrell-Williams interviews him on Business Innovators Radio. More specifically, the discussion consisted on Billy’s wisdom about the real estate industry as he shared his thoughts and perspectives on the Las Vegas market. Billy is educated in every aspect of real estate given that he has been in the industry for the past thirteen years. During that time, Billy has scouted across the Las Vegas area as he formed a team of professionals to ensure that his company would be one of the best.

Billy is familiar with every type of real estate investment and ensures that he will not let his clients fail. He shared that at times, the investments that look good on paper, may not actually meet his client’s investment goals whether they are short term or long term. Billy helps first time home buyers, real estate agents and even experienced investors. The information he can provide is not something that will be in your investment 101 books. It is knowledge that can only be learned through experience and success in the industry, both which Billy possess.

Aside from his passion in real estate, Billy never forgets about his time served in the Marine Corps before he found the real estate industry. Billy has a big heart and this is reflected through his actions as he works with the community, using his real estate expertise, to provide homes for veterans in the area. During his discussion with Alicia, Billy shared about the opportunity he had to hand over the keys to a Vietnam Veteran, Bronze Star, Double Purple Heart award winner who had never owned a home. Even better, he handed him the keys mortgage free. Billy works hard to give back to the community in any way he can and has helped out many other veterans throughout his career.

Billy is a trustworthy man who is in the industry to help others. He advises everyone to be smart with their money and always do the numbers backwards before jumping in. Also, Billy stresses the exit strategy with his clients as well as during his interview. He says, always be looking for a way out of the investment before you jump in. There is no secret formula to real estate investments according to Billy because everyone’s goals are different. Some people wish to make more money than others therefore, the options for investments are different as well as the criteria of the available properties. As mentioned, Billy is knowledgeable in every type of property and financing option. In fact, Billy was awarded as one of the top 40 under 40 Young Professionals and received a distinction in Seven Magazine for excellence in Real Estate being named one of the top eight realtors in the valley.

Billy Alt is welcoming of all clients and will fill in any knowledge that may be unfamiliar to ensure that you make the best decision for your desired outcome. To contact Billy, you may email him at, visit his website at or call him at 702-250-1090.

You can check out the interview here:

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Gary Monfeli, Founder of The Home Inspection Man, Speaks on Business Innovators Radio

By Alicia Dibrell

Since 2000, Gary Monfeli, a licensed home inspector, has been inspecting homes through his company The Home Inspection Man. He not only enjoys helping others but he loves teaching others about issues they may have and reassuring them that every problem can be fixed. Gary was interviewed by Alicia Dibrell-Williams on Business Innovators Radio where he goes into more detail as to what exactly a home inspection entails and shares additional information concerning his company and employees.

Gary is very knowledgeable in the industry and it definitely shows. He shares his experiences with the American Society of Home Inspectors describing that he taught classes for them in 2010 and they actually flew him around the world to share his expertise. His passion for home inspections derives from something very unique. Gary explains in his interview that he loves explaining how things work. Explaining the ins and outs of a house is a common task, especially when it comes to first time home buyers. Gary also enjoys assisting others in an area they may not be very familiar with. By examining their home to ensure its safety, he feels that he can tremendously help others which is something he holds close to his heart.

The Home Inspection Man comes into a house and inspects, the exterior and interior but then they take it a step further inspecting things such as the ejection pumps, sump pumps, and mold and radon testing. Furthermore, they take the electrical panel off and look at your electrical wiring. Also, living in Illinois, examining the finished basements is always important as well because often this is where the most problems are typically found based on Gary’s experience. The roof, gutters, siding, attic, plumbing, heating, air, windows and stairs are also areas that are examined. Gary and his team want to guarantee that you will be safe and healthy while living in your home. Also, given that most of their clients are buyers, they want to reassure that you are making a good investment. To do this, they provide a list of all the issues they would suggest be fixed and prioritize them accordingly. To further assist the home owner or seller, both a picture report and a written report are provided along with suggestions on how to fix the issues. His company even has insurance that covers a buyer or the realtor if they miss something during their inspection. Additionally, home buyers get a one-year membership to The Home Owners Network, which is an app that allows you to send a picture and a question about anything around your house. Within the next couple of hours, an expert will get back to you about the issue.

Gary doesn’t just come in to your house and administer an inspection. He creates lasting relationships with his clients to ensure that they feel comfortable with him. He also thoroughly educates them so there are no surprises behind the walls. In order to become a part of Gary’s team, you must be licensed and have at least two years of experience. He wants to be sure that his team will conduct a great inspection just as he would. Also, he stressed that this job is not about just punching your time card and getting through the houses. You must know how to educate the clients and provide friendly, thorough services.

Covering almost all of northern Illinois, The Home Inspection Man is a company that you can trust will provide quality, helpful service. To contact them, you can call 888-690-6903 or you can go to or There is a book online button allowing you to book the job online.

If you wish to contact Gary personally, you can visit his LinkedIn page at

To listen to the full interview, please visit

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Listing Boss: An Amazon Bestseller, the Guide to Real Estate Success that’s not just theory.

By Alicia Dibrell

Hoss Pratt is known throughout the United States as a leading authority when it comes to cultivating potential clients. Throughout his stellar 12-year career, Hoss has positioned himself as the leader when it comes to developing revolutionary strategies to succeed in real estate. Hoss has compiled all of his knowledge into Listing Boss: The Definitive Blueprint for Real Estate Success.

“I went from zero listings, zero closings, and zero cash after my first six months in the business to $7 Million in sales at the end of my very first year!” says Hoss.

In a very short period of time Listing Boss has made a significant impact on It is currently the #1 bestseller in three categories on Listing Boss has also earned a spot as an international bestseller in Amazon Canada’s Real Estate category.

Hoss’ knowledge will supercharge any real estate business or individual on their path to success. This tremendous resource focuses on what Hoss calls his “Twelve Essentials.” These methods empower the reader to overcome their obstacles and includes creating a vision, deploying a marketing arsenal, identifying niches and much more.

There are numerous other industry professionals that have strategies that they feel are the best, but they fail to reach the level of success that Hoss has achieved. Listing Boss has the ability to get results and get them fast by inspiring real estate professionals to take massive action.

“Read the book. And don’t just read it – STUDY IT! This wisdom in this book will transform your life forever.” says Hoss.

This book isn’t even necessarily just for real estate professionals, any professional can use this book and implement the “Twelve Essentials” into their business. “This book is amazing!! I am not a realtor but I own my own business and someone recommended this book to me. I got so much out of it and it has helped me better my business and grow as a person.” says an Amazon customer.

Get inside the mind of the man who has presented over 1,100 webinars and online events, has conducted 1,300 live seminars and personally trained thousands of successful agents and industry professionals. Hoss Pratt is one of the most sought after keynote speakers in his industry. Now you can have that experience in the palm of your hand, all you need to do is take action.

To learn more:
Office: 1-800-683-HOSS
Direct: (214) 919-5321

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Real Estate Veteran and Founder of Homesin Marketing System Larry Vecchio Shares His Inspiring Business Experience in Business Innovators Radio Show

By Alicia Dibrell

Widely followed online newscast Business Innovators Radio Show recently hosted Larry Vecchio, a noted real estate expert with over thirty-five years of industry experience. He is also the man behind the creation of the Homesin community-based marketing system for the real estate professionals. In a candid discussion with the show host Alicia Dibrell, Larry revealed many interesting facts about his business experience.

Larry Vecchio started his real-estate career with a mortgage business and later on, started his own real-estate company in the mid 80s. Over three decades down the line, he presently operates out of fifteen offices and heads a few hundred agents in central New Jersey.

The rapidly growing popularity of the internet in the mid 90s triggered a paradigm shift in the real-estate industry as more and more people started relying on the internet for their home search. This is the time when Larry Vecchio started building his online business by purchasing around thirty domains for the towns in his neighborhood and started promoting these sites. At present, his business has built dedicated URLs for about thirty-five thousand towns across America.

Larry strongly believes that community connection has played a crucial role behind the success of Homesin. “It’s more than just buying a house. People want to have somebody who is really familiar with their community. The agents that we’re picking to be our exclusive members have a vested interest and most of them live in the town that they’re a member of. They understand the activities of the town. It’s important that they … They almost become the digital mayor of their town. So, we believe that that qualifies them to be one of the best-qualified agents for that town,” he said.

Compared to other popular real-estate platforms, Homesin offers tons of additional benefits for the real-estate professionals. Every prospective seller wants their home featured on the community website for the town, and the featured agent for that town has the advantage on a listing presentation to a home seller. It also provides an excellent networking opportunity for the local businesses. Moreover, the community websites come with a complete suite of social media platform that includes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and Instagram.

Larry informs that Homesin has been improved over the years with the inclusion of a business directory and beautifully designed banner advertisements. At present, the team is working on building a business directory that will feature listings within it. This new project will offer one search page where users will be able to search homes for sale and local businesses.

It costs $100 a month for an agent to become an exclusive member of Homesin, and that includes an IDX feed. Homesin also has its own mobile app on Android and iOS platforms. During the discussion, Larry also revealed that has recently been featured in the New York Times.

The entire episode of Business Innovators Radio with Larry Vecchio is available at

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